With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at providing unparalleled support and service at all times, the Cloudspark team is committed to the success of your agency. Our approach to the public sector software procurement process ensures a streamlined process leveraging an array of contract vehicles.

Our team offers expertise in the following:

● Access to GSA, SEWP V, NASPO and many other government contracts
● The government procurement process
● Ensuring procurement integrity and compliance
● Finding the path of least resistance for your procurement
● Sales support and guidance
● Strong partnerships with the leading IT manufacturers.

Though complicated, the government contract application and bidding process for public sector technology contracts can be navigated easily with the right assistance and software brokers who have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We’ve got the skills, knowledge, and access to the software contracts needed to ensure your IT acquisition is successful.

Get started now with an initial consultation with our resource team. We look forward to helping your organization achieve its cloud, security and other IT goals.